Vedat Xhymshiti

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1 Njeri & 1 Shtėpi

A man with a Cow

activist against NEGOTIATION

Activists of

Akt gjysėm Nudo/A half NUDO act

Albanian Tragedy in Gerdec

An old mother

Bardhė e Zi/Black & White

Bora dhe Femijet

Cat 1

Cat 2 (Profile)

Cat 3

Cat 4



Children's face's

Children's going..

Crying for Brother


Focal Contrast

Graphiti & peoples

I rrituri dhe Femijet

I'm watching/Po shikoj..

Injuryed by RobberBullet's

Life risk emotion

Life risk emotion

Mama, catch me!

Maska/THE maske

Mesnatė nė Pogradec



Nudo Shame aCt/Akti i Nudos sė Turpėruar

Pa Rrymė!/None Power(electricity)


Poor Kid

Portrait/Portret (color)


Rainy / Shiu

Rainy / Shiu (color)

Refugjatet Shqiptar






TMK/KPC Nėntor/November

TMK/KPC Nėntor/November

TMK/KPC Nėntor/November

TMK/KPC Nėntor/November


Two man and graffiti

WatchingEMOTION/Emocion Shikimi

Artist Presentation

Name: Vedat Xhymshiti
Born: 1986, Gjilan, Kosova
Country of Residence: Albania
Specialities: Photography
Promoted By: Self promotion
VEDAT xhymshiti (VUDI), born in Gjilan, Kosovo 7 April 1986. Since 2000 until 2004 use to play and following acting lessons on National THEATRE of Gjilani area. Graduated with diploma of Gymnasium high school in Gjilan on 2004. 27th October 2003 – 13th February 2005 finished scholarship of National Attendance Teaching of Drama (NATD) London on fields of Drama Principles and Drama getting into Text. During 2005 started working as a free lance photographer for local Medias in Kosovo, at the same time a volunteer photographer covering Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! (VETEVENDOSJE!) Activity’s at most Kosovo area. On 2007 started working as free lance photo Journalist for International News Agency’s. On February 2008 join “ZUMApress” photographers. So close to be graduated on Investigative Journalism College in Prishtina. November 2006 – February 2007, followed lessons in order to be a documentary Film Producer in Prishtina in Kosovo Institute for Journalism and Communication (KIJAC University). Expect to be graduated on fields of ART photography on Fine Arts Academy in Kosovo. Still in collaborate as free lance photo journalist with, (Financial TIMES),…!

Education and Training

2007-(ongoing), Photography 
Education type: High Education, 3 Year
Institution: Fine Arts Academy, Kosova 
2000-2004, Gymnasium 
Education type: Primary School, 4 Year
Institution: Primary School, Kosova 
Description: Gymnasium \"Z.Hajdini\" Gjilan

Contact Information

Address: Kosovė, Gjilan 60010 Fsh.Livoē i Ulėt region nr.010
Home: +381 (0)280 - 323 - 170
Mobile: +377 (0)44 / 679 - 357