Here you will find help on how to navigate in this virtual gallery while you're looking for artists or artwork. Introduction contains information about A-art gallery concept, while the two other parts shows how to use the two main functions: Find Artist and Find Artwork. Select a specific subject from the links below.




Main concept - A-arts is online gallery where artists can upload their art of work, and their CV, including also exhibitions and awards. New artist and artwork are added to this gallery constantly, which makes A-arts visitors to come back for more. Five newest members and artworks are shown directly in the start page. In the "Find Artist" page every week we show an artist in focus.
In artist portfolio, visitors will find many interesting links to the galleries, art institution or organizations that are related to the artist's exhibitions, awards, jobs/ projects and education. Artist's homepage, e-mail, postal address and telephone can be reached from the artist contact.
A-arts' ethical rules - Art that is published on A-arts may not:
1. Express threat or disrespect for an ethnic group or other group persons that alludes to rase, colour, national or ethnic origin or religion.
2. Portray children in pornographic picture or other pornographic materila. Nor may the material contain information on where such matearial may be found.
A-arts has the exclusive right to withdraw material that does not conform with the ethic rules stated abeve.
Administration - In A-arts Gallery the content is administrated in three levels:
Head Administration, manages the gallery environment and all the different categorizations used inside of it (artwork categories, medias, styles, artist specialties and more). Head administrator creates promotion groups and assigns group managers. Self promoted artists are also administrated by the head administrator.
Promotion Group Managers has their administration area where they manage a number of artists. Usually these are people working at an art institution, organization or gallery. Promotion group presentation and contact information are also managed by these managers. They have access to all member areas, so they can assist artists to manage their artist presentation and portfolio. They can also remove improper content that violates the content agreement.
Members that have access to their account, can administrate their portfolio, and all other information regarding themselves (contact information, artist presentation, portrait photo, exhibitions, awards, jobs and education).
Applying for membership - See Join A-arts in the "A-arts" navigation menu to the left.


When looking for a particular artist, start by clicking on the "Find Artist" from the main navigation bar on the top of the page.
Search artist by name or last name - To view the work of a specific artist, you can find the person's name alphabetically form the "artists letter box" on the left navigation menu. You can also enter artist's name or last name in the search box and then click the arrow to search. All the search results will be shown in the main content area. Result list contains artist's full name and an artwork thumbnail. To view artist portfolio and presentation just click on the artist name. Artwork thumbnail links you to that specific artwork.
Search artist by main speciality - To show all artists in a specific speciality, simply click a list item inside the speciality menu. A list of artist that has that main specility will be shown in the content area. Click the artist name to view his/her portfolio and presentation.
Show artists by promotion group - To search for artist within a particular promotion group, choose from "promoted by" and click the arrow next to it. Artist promoted by this group are listed alphabetically and can be selected by clicking on the name to go directly to the artist's portfolio and presentation page.
Search artist by date of birth - Type a year (ex: 1970) in the "year of birth" input box and click the arrow next to it, to show all artists born in that particular year.
Search artist by country of birth or by county of residence - Choose a country in "country of birth" or "country of residence" and click the arrow next to it, to show all artists born or living in that country.


When looking for a particular artwork, start by clicking on the "Find Artwork" from the main navigation bar on the top of the page. All results will be shown as thumbnails with artwork name and artist name. For artwork view, click on the thumbnail. For artist portfolio click on the artist's name.
Search artwork by keyword - Every artwork can have three keywords that are entered by the artist (or administrator). This creates the possibility to search artwork by a specific keyword. To execute this kind of search, just write the word keyword in the "keyword" input box and click the arrow to complete the search.
Search artwork by name - If you know an artwork's name (full name or just parts of it), write it in the "name" input box and click the arrow to complete the search.
Show artwork within a specific category - In the "categories" menu box you can choose a category to view all the artworks within that category.
Search artwork by creation year - Type a year (ex: 1999) in the "year of creation" input box and click the arrow next to it, to show all artworks created that particular year.