About A-arts

A-arts is an online gallery that promotes Albanian art. Our goal is to become the crossroad gallery for Albanian visual artist all over the world, as we already are the largest gallery for Albanian visual artists on the internet.

This gallery acts also as a marketing medium for artists to maximize their appeal to art buyers. Via the internet, we can eliminate the traditional geographical limitations to displaying works of art. We create possibilities for new artist, since our gallery walls has no boundaries.

If you are an ARTIST...

If you are an albanian artist looking for a place to show off your talent, this gallery will help you to reach more people than you could possibly imagine. When becoming a member you can publish your art and your artist presentation including your portrait, exhibitions, awards, jobs/projects, education/training, and your contact information. For joining us see "Join A-arts"

If you are a Gallery or an Institution of Arts...

As a Gallery or an Institution of Arts you can apply for an administration area, where you will register and promote Albanian artists. You will be given a desirable number of member accounts and besides promotiong artists you will also administrate your gallery/institution information. For joining A-arts see "Join A-arts"

This is how A-arts is administrated...

In A-arts Gallery the content is administrated in three levels:
Head Administrator, in the first place, manages the gallery environment and all the different categorizations used inside of it (artwork categories, medias, styles, artist specialities and more). Head administrator creates promotion groups and assigns group managers. Self promoted artists are also administrated by the head administrator.
Administration HierarchyPromotion Group Managers has their administration area where they manage a number of artists. Usually these are people working at an art institution, organization or gallery. Promotion group presentation and contact information are also managed by these managers. They have access to all member areas, so they can assist artists to manage their artist presentation and portfolio. They can also remove improper content that violates the content agreement.
Members that have access to their account can administrate their portfolio, and all other information regarding themselves (contact information, artist presentation, portrait photo, exhibitions, awards, jobs and education).

A-arts is managed by...

Project manager: Visar Ulaj, visar.ulaj@albanianarts.com. Technical support: Robert Lillsjö, arnold@albanianarts.com
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