Mjellma Goranci

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"3 Apples"


"Blue Hair"


"Nė tė kuqe"



"Women and Wine"

Black hair

Black Hair I

caffe x-haus

City Outdoor Advertising

Four apples






wine ethicet label



World Child

x-haus caffe

x_haus Caffe

Artist Presentation

Name: Mjellma Goranci
Born: 1977, Prishtina, Kosova
Country of Residence: Kosova
Specialities: Graphic Design
Promoted By: Self promotion
Mjellma Goranci Firzi, has born, lives and work in Pristina. She study Graphic Design in Pristine and also postgraduate, master in Multimedia. Since 1998, she has been engaged actively in the artistic life. Today, she works as Set Designer in Public Television of Kosovo and is also give lessons in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Pristine. She was part of numerous exhibitions inside and outside of the country, collective and personal Exhibitions. In 2006, she came with first exhibition called "Flowers, Apple and Women". Her second Exhibition took part in National Theater in Pristhina in 2015. In this event was Mjellma, present 20, of her paintings. This performance also traveled to Tirana, Cultural center "Tulla". Mjellma, as on artist reflect in the art of positivity, hope, optimism and more inspiration. Her art is unique, combined with various techniques and a series of materials. You can always notice the bustling energy of colors in her painting. Most of the artist's inspiration comes from nature, family, positive people around and memories of beautiful moments of life.

Personal Exhibitions

2006, Apple, Flowers and Women 
Place: Gallery "Hani i Dy Robertėve" Prishtina, Kosova 

Group Exhibitions

2007, November Salon 
Place: National Galery | Prishtina, Kosova 

Education and Training

2006-stil, Faculty of Arts | Graphic Desinger|Master in Mult 
Education type: High Education, Mast Year
Institution: Faculty of Arts | University of Prishtina, Kosova 

Contact Information

Address: Isa Kastrati nr.79 Prishtina
Mobile: +377(0)44177800