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Arabesque I

Arabesque II

Art De Kos

Art De Kos II

Art De Kos III

Art De Kos IV

Art De Kos IX

Art De Kos V

Art De Kos VI

Art De Kos VII

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Art De Kos X

Art De Kos XI

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Art De Kos XX

Colour in horizon






Composition I

Composition I

Composition II

Composition II

Dancing under the water II

Dancing under the water III



Game of lines



Triumph II

Unsolved way



Water Dance I

Artist Presentation

Name: Nexhmie Çerkezi
Born: 1974, Pristina, Kosova
Country of Residence: Kosova
Specialities: Graphic Art
Promoted By: Self promotion
Year 2004 she graduated in the Fine Arts Faculty, University of Prishtina, printmaking department, in the class of professor. ord. Fatmir Krypa; Year 2004 recognition of Fine Arts Faculty, for best results in the section graphics. Year 2006 finishes postgraduate studies in section graphics, in the class of professor. ord. Fatmir Krypa. Year 2006 rewarded for Best Student for Graphic Art in the section graphics.

Personal Exhibitions

Place: Cultural Centre of Kosovo, Istanbul, Turkey 
Place: Department of Culture Gallery,Prishtina, Kosova 
Place: National Centre of Culture,Gostivar, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 

Group Exhibitions

2015, “International Print Exhibition  
Place: Zurich, Switzerland 
2014, ” The 9 International biennial of Miniature Art 20 
Place: Czestochowa, Poland 
2014, “ Mini Print International of Cadaques ”  
Place: “Taller Galeria Fort “, Cadaques, Barcelona, Spain 
2014, ” Lessedra World Art Print Annual ”  
Place: Sofia, , Bulgaria 
2011, Collective exhibit 
Place: National Centre of Culture, Tirana, Albania 
2010, “The Americas Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary  
Place: Austin, , United States 
2009, “15th International Print Biennial Varna 2009”, 
Place: Boris Georgiev Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria 
2009, “International triennial graphic art Bitola ” 
Place: Institute of Museum, Bitola, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 
2009, Exhibition “ Pentakos ” Five Artists of Kosovo 
Place: Woodrow Wilson International Center, Washington, D.C., United States 
2008, ” Master’s Mystery Art Show 2008” 
Place: Department of Art and Art History, Miami, Florida,, United States 
2008, Naestved International Exhibition of Contemporary 
Place: Naestved, Denmark 
2008, Mini Print International 
Place: Galerie L'Etangd'art,Bages, France 
2008, 4th International Biennial of Mini Prints-Tetovo 
Place: Tetovo, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 
2008, “ 7th Lessedra World Art Print Annual ”, 
Place: Sofia,, Bulgaria 
2008, “ Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics ”,“I 
Place: Aiud, Romania, Romania 
2008, “ The Americas Biennial Exhibition of Contemporar 
Place: Austin, , United States 
2008, “International Print Exhibition Yunnan 2008 ” 
Place: Yunnan Province, China 
2007, Mini Print international, 
Place: Farley's Yard Trust,(wingfield Arts&Music Festival), United Kingdom 
2007, Austrian Bienniale of small graphics art Grafix 
Place: Breclav, Czech Republic 
2007, Mini Print international of Cadaques, 
Place: Taller Galeria fort,Cadaques,Girona, Spain 
2007, Mini Print international 
Place: Fundacio Tharrats d'Art Grafic,Barcelona, Spain 
2007, 6th Lessedra World Art Print Annual, 
Place: Sofia, Bulgaria 
2007, The 14th International Print Biennial Varna 2007, 
Place: Art Gallery,Varna, Bulgaria 
2007, International Art exhibition"Expo'07" 
Place: The Acra Internationale Conference Centre,Ghana,Africa 
2006, Collective exhibit 
Place: National Gallery "Çifte Hamame",Scopje, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 
2006, Collective exhibit 
Place: National Centre of Culture,Tirana, Albania 
2006, National exhibition 2006, 
Place: Gostivar, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 
2006, Muslim Mulliqi 2006, 
Place: The Kosova Art Gallery,Prishtina, Kosova 
2006, Master's Mystery Art Show 2006, 
Place: Department of Art and Art History,Miami,Florida 
2006, II International Printmaking Exhibition, 
Place: Painting and Sculpture Museum Association,Istanbul, Turkey 
2005, The International Mini Print Biennial Cluj 2005, 
Place: Cluj-Napoca, Romania 
2004, The day of Prishtina 
Place: Prishtina, Kosova 
2004, International Mini Print Biennial exhibition 
Place: Veles, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 
2004, The 10th International exhibition for Peace/Kosovo 
Place: Gallery HIBIYA,Tokyo, Japan 
2003, Creative Woman 
Place: The Art Gallery,Gjilan, Kosova 
2003, Collect. exhibit on behalf of 125 years of Prizren 
Place: The Kosova Art Gallery,Prishtina 
2003, "January's Flame" 
Place: The Art Gallery,Gjilan, Kosova 
2003, Intern."Nouvelles tendances des Artistes du Kosovo 
Place: Galeries Artitude,Paris, France 
2003, "We have only 12 hours" 
Place: Prishtina, Kosova 


2014, Decoration by Consulate General of the Republic of Kosovo in Istanbul, as “Successful Artist “  
Place: Cultural Centre of Kosova, Istanbul, Turkey 
Description:  Personal Exhibition
2006, Best Student for Graphic Art 
Event: Rewarded from Faculty of Fine Art  
Place:  Prishtina , Kosova 
2004, Reward for graphic art, 
Event: Creative Women 
Place: Gjilan, Kosova 
2004, Prominent student of Faculty 
Event: Reward from Faculty of Fine Art 
Place: Prishtina, Kosova 

Jobs and Projects

2016, Owner
Project: Modern Art Gallery 
Place: Modern Art Gallery, Kosova 

Contact Information

Address: Arberia "Ahmet Krasniqi" st. No 41, Pristina
Mobile: +37744247879