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Artist Presentation

Name: Visar Ulaj
Born: 1972, Prishtina, Kosova
Country of Residence: Sweden
Specialities: Graphic Design
Promoted By: Kosovas Cartoonists
"Visar Ulaj's art is subtler; images that stay with you, ones you can think about, rather than look upon and easily comprehend"
00TAL 2002.

Personal Exhibitions

2005, Sexibition/Sekspozita 
Place: Kosovas Museum, Prishtina, Kosova 
1999, Pain Surfing 
Place: Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden 
Description: Pain Surfing was arranged by Intercult and took place in the center of Stockholm at the cultural center - Kulturhuset. The title Pain Surfing originates from the satire cartoon, Your pain someone else's pleasure.
1996, Diver's Disease (Dykarsjuka) 
Place: City Gallery, Mallmberget, Sweden 
Description: Dykarsjuka (caisson disease) was arranged, in this northen town of Sweden, by ABF and Röda Korset (Read Cross). Visar Ulaj filed this big and fresh gallery with 56 of his satire cartoons and abstract/cartoon oil paintings.
1995, Dykarsjuka 
Place: Gamla Apoteket, Jokkmokk, Sweden, Sweden 
Description: Dykarsjuka was arranged by Jokkmokk komun and Röda Korset
1994, Vilse (Last) 
Place: University of Örebro, Örebro, Sweden, Sweden 
Description: A succesfull exhibitions visited by thousands of students.
1994, Vilse (Last) 
Place: Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden 
Description: Vilse is Visar's first exhibition in Sweden. Satire cartoons and oil abstrackt/cartoon paintings.

Group Exhibitions

2006, World Cartoon Festival, Kosova 2006 
Place: Kosovas Museum, Prishtina, Kosova 
Description: 634 participants from 57 countries


2006, Special Prize 
Event: World Cartoon Festival 
Place: Kosova's Museum, Prishtina, Kosova 
Description: Special Prize at the "World Cartoon Festival, Kosova 2006". 634 participants from 57 countries.
1998, Huddinge Culture Prize 
Event: 1998 Huddinge Culture Prizes 
Place: Huddine, Stockholm, Sweden 
1997, Grand Prix 
Event: Albanian Cartoonist '97 
Place: Prishtina, Kosova 
Description: First Prize
1997, Karikatura 97 
Event: Albanian Cartoonist '97 
Place: Prishtina, Kosova 
Description: This prize is given by the daily news Koha Ditore

Education and Training

2010, Art Direction 
Education type: High Education, 5 Months
Description: Visuell kommunikation. Varumärkesutveckling. Konceptutveckling och kreativa processer. Argumentation och presentationsteknik. Planning. Grafisk design och dess discipliner. Film. Interaktiv kommunikation
1997-2001, Computer and Systems Sciences 
Education type: High Education, 4 Year
Institution: DSV, Stockholm University, Sweden 
Description: Design of Interactive Systems

Jobs and Projects

2007-(ongoing), Creative Director
Place: Valtech, Sweden 
2004-(ongoing), Product manager and Design Director
Place: Galerdo, Stockholm, Sweden 
Description: Galerdo offers cost-effective, powerful and flexible web-based solutions that can be tailored to facilitate costumer needs.
2001-(ongoing), GUI Designer and Project Manager
Project: Albanian Arts Online Gallery 
Place: Galerdo, Sweden 
Description: My primar job is to design the Graphicle User Interface (GUI) to this gellery.
2000-2005, Usability Architect and Graphic Designer
Project: LTS and LCMS 
Place: Lecando AB, Sweden 
1999, GUI designer
Project: Daisy 
Place: Stockholm University, Department of Computer and S, Sweden 
Description: Daisy is an administrative system that is developed by Stockholm University, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences and is used by its sudents and staff. My Role was to design the system navigation hierarchy and graphicle user interface.
1997-1998, GUI illustrator
Project: Huddinge Agora - virtual classroom 
Place: Huddinge College, Sweden 
Description: Virtual Classroom for IT-lessons used in the Huddinge College in Sweden.
1996-2001, Cartoon teacher
Place: Vuxenskolan, Huddinge, Sweden 
Description: Cartoon teacher for children between 10-14 years old.

Contact Information

Mobile: +46(0)70 732 87 61