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Personal exhibitions

Personal exhibitions

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Artist Presentation

Name: Majlinda Kelmendi
Born: 1966, Tirana, Albania
Country of Residence: Kosova
Specialities: Painting
Promoted By: Self promotion
MAJLINDA KELMENDI (born October 04, 1966 in Tirana, Albania) is a Figurative Artist, well known with works of art, exhibited in Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Austria, Texas, USA, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Black Mountain, etc. Prizes and Reviews Italy, Belgium, Kosovo, Albania, etc. Founder of Gallery Expoart.40 and Artistic Director from 2008 onward of the Multimedia - International Net-Network Project 2008 -2018 for 10 editions with local and international artists, also curator of other projects in the region and beyond. University Studies: Academy of Fine Arts, Tirana, Albania 1986-1990. Postgraduate Studies: Master of Arts-Academy of Fine Arts in Pristina 1999-2000. Currently: Professor. Ord at University of Pristina- Faculty of Fine Arts (since 2000), department of Conceptual art and new media.

Personal Exhibitions

2012, Personal exhibition/Identity & Dialogue  
Place: The National Art Gallery. Shkodra, Albania, Albania 
Description: Identity & Dialogue Without conscience we would not exist. Above all, life is a real struggle to overcome and confront with different situations and thanks to them we create our identity, at the peak of the feeder chain. Self-concentration is a det
2012, Personal exhibition/Identity & Dialogue  
Place: Tirana, Albania 
Description: FAP/ Art Gallery, Tirane. Albania. Title : Identity & Dialogue
2011, Video / Art/Performance – Balkan’s Dialogue 
Place: Gallery: Expoart.40 /Pristina, Kosovo, Albania 
Description: Balkan’s Dialogue What is Balkan’s policy? How does it work? Symmetry of events, requests and phenomena, personalities telling an event as a blurry story making enigmatic speculations with parenthesizes and inverted commas crossing all valid par
2008, Personal exhibition.Gallery:Expoart.40 
Place: Prishtine .Kosova 
2008, Personal exhibition.Gallery:Oldrado da Ponte. 
Place: Lodi.Italy 
2005, Personal exhibition.Gallery of Culture Departmenti 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2003, Personal exhibition.Bari.Italy 
Place: Bari, Italy 
1997, Private Exhibition , realized in Arts Gallery 
Place: Tirane, Albania 

Group Exhibitions

2011, Red Gate Gallery/Londer 
Place: Red Gate Gallery/Londer, United Kingdom 
2011, Lamego Museum/Portugal 
Place: Lamego Museum/Rua Largo de Camões, Portugal 
2011, Albanian art / Bydgoszcz" Garden of dreams " 
Place: Galerii Miejskiej /Poland, Poland 
2011, 8th International Exhibition"Muslim Mulliqi Prize  
Place: Kosova Art Gallery, Kosova 
2010, Prof.University Exhibition 
Place: Place: Gallery Expoart.40/Prishtine / Kosova, Kosova 
2010, Exhibition Net / Net Edition II 
Place:  Gallery Expoart.40/Prishtine / Kosovo, Kosova 
2010, Exhibition Gallery: Financiero Vigo 
Place:  Spain, Spain 
2010, Galeria Atlantica 
Place:  Museu 2010 Portalegre, Portugal 
2010, White Wedding/Belgium 
Place:  Belgium, Belgium 
2010, White wedding/Kosova 
Place:  Pristina Kosovo, Kosova 
2010, Exhibition: Mother Tereze 
Place: Place: Skopje Macedonia, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 
2009, November 
Place:  November 2009 Exhibition, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 
Description: 2009.November 2009 Exhibition Place: Macedonia
2009, Galeria CHROMA 
Place: Spain /02/07/2009, Spain 
2009, Factory/ l Agenzia di Arte09/04/09 
Place: Muzeum of Art /Grao Vasco, Paraguay 
2009, Exposition d,Artistes Kosovars 
Place: Museum of Art Schaerbeek/Bruxelles, Belgium 
2009, Biennale of Drawings Arts 
Place: Peja, Kosova 
2009, Exposition d,Artistes Kosovars 
Place:  Museum of Art, Belgium 
2009, Exhibition Net / Net Edition I 
Place: Place: Gallery Expoart.40/Prishtine/Kosova, Kosova 
2008, The Americans Bionnial Exhibition 
Place: Austin.Texas, American Samoa 
2008, Biennale of small Graphic (Breslav)/ Czech Republ 
Place: Breslav, Czech Republic 
2008, Exhibition 11 June “Day of Prishtina 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2008, Galleria Oldrado da Ponte.Italia 
Place: lodi, Italy 
Description:  Mostra collettiva d’Arte Contemporanea
2008, Gallery Kledio Tirana/Albania 
Place: Tirane, Albania 
2008, Exhibition Gallery of Arts Gilan /20 artists 
Place: Gilan, Kosova 
2008, Biennale XI drawings Arts Gallery 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2008, Academie Europeenne des Arts 
Place: Gembloux,, Belgium 
2008, Exhibition organized . 
Place: Luxemboug 
2008, Premio Merliani 137 2° edizione 
Place: Napoli, Italy 
2008, ventiperventi 
Place: Napoli, Italy 
Place: Pistoia City, Italy 
2008, S.Barbara Project - Quarta Cava d'Estrazione d'art 
Place:  Iglesias, Italy 
2008, Atlantica Gallery and 14ª International of Vendas 
Place: Portugal 
2008, 14ª International of Vendas Novas - 
Place: Portugal 
2008, Fair of Contemporary Art .Milan-Novegro. 
Place: Milan-Novegro, Italy 
2008, Exhibition November 2008 
Place: Gallery of Art .Tirane, Albania 
2008, Salon of November 
Place: Gallery of Art.Prishtine, Kosova 
2008, Exhibition Gallery of Art 
Place: Shkoder, Albania 
2008, Exhibition SH.A.F 
Place: Gallery of Art/ Peje, Kosova 
2008, Exhibition Gallery of Art 
Place: Gilan, Kosova 
2008, Trofeo di Capodanno 
Place:  Beinasco, Italy 
2008, Exhibitions with 20 artists. Arts Gallery 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2008, 7-th lessedra World Art Print Annual-Mini Print 
Place: lesedra, Bulgaria 
2008, Exhibition Gallery of Arts 
Place: Gilan, Kosova 
2008, Exhibition Gallery of Arts 
Place: Peje, Kosova 
2007, Exhibition of Draudakum. 
Place: Shkup, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 
2007, Exhibition(Artist’sAssociations)HistoricMuseum 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2007, Exhibition organized in Government Ambience. 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2007, Exhibitions with 10 artists. Arts Gallery 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2007, Biennale of Small Graphic Art 
Place: Breslav, Czech Republic 
2007, VIII International mail..Gallery & Contemporary Ar 
Place: Lessedra., Bulgaria 
2007, Salon of November. Gallery of Arts 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2007, Exhibition Contemporary Art. Gallery Art. 
Place: Tirane, Albania 
2007, IV Biennale International Graphic 
Place: shkup, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 
2006, Salon 36,Academy of European Arts 
Place: Gembloux, Belgium 
2006, June’s Exhibition 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2006, Salon of November. Gallery of Arts Prishtina 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2006, Paris.(Exhibition with five authors) 
Place: Paris, France 
2006, (Price M. Mulliqi). Gallery of Arts Prishtina. 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2005, Exhibition “30 Anniversary of Art Faculty”, 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2005, 11 June “Day of Prishtina 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2005, Exhibition dedicated March 8, Museum of Kosova 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2004, International drawing biennale Arts Gallery 
Place: Tirane, Kosova 
2004, Exhibition “Day of Prishtina” 
Place: Tirane, Kosova 
2003, June’s Exhibition art gallery Prishtina 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2002, June’ s Exhibition Arts Gallery Prishtina. 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2002, Exhibition.(8 Mars ) ,National Theatre in Prishtin 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2001, June’s Exhibition , Day of Prishtina. 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2000, National Art Gallery 
Place: Tirane, Albania 
2000, XXVII November Hall , Arts Gallery 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
2000, Biennale XI drawings Arts Gallery 
Place: Prishtine, Kosova 
1998, National Arts Gallery 
Place: Tirane, Albania 
1997, Exhibition November in Historic Museum 
Place: Tirane, Albania 
1996, (Applicative art) Arts Gallery Arts Gallery 
Place: Tirane, Albania 
1995, National Arts Gallery 
Place: Tirana, Albania 
1994, 1994.Participation in exhibition in Gallery TE&GI 
Place: Tirane, Albania 
1993, National Arts Gallery in Tirana 
Place: Tirane, Albania 
1992, National Arts Gallery in Tirana 
Place: Tirane, Albania 


2008, First Price 
Event: 2008. First Price in Art Gallery /Peja/Kosovë 
Place: Kosova 
2008, First Price 
Event:  Exhibition March/2008 
Place: Kosova 
2008, First Price 
Event: Exhibition Day of Prishtina. 
Place:  Kosova 
2008, Bronz Medal. 
Event:  38 ‘salon concours internacional 
Place: Belgium. 
2008, Diploma of merit . 
Event: Premio Merliani 137 2° 
Place: Napoli /italia 
2006, Won Silver Medal 
Event: Academy of European art’s 
Place: Belgium 
1966, Second Price 
Event: Applicative Arts 
Place: Albania 

Education and Training

1999-2000, Master in Arts Academy in Prishtina 
Education type: High Education
Institution: Degree/2 years/Master in Arts Academy / Prishtina, Kosova 
1986-1990, 1990. Graduated in Beauty Arts Academy in Tirana. 
Education type: High Education
Institution: 4 years/Graduated in Beauty Arts Academy / Tirane, Albania 

Jobs and Projects

2000, Professor...
Place: Art Academy in Prishtina., Kosova 

Contact Information

Address: Marigona Rezidence Rruga: IOWA Nr:24 / Hajvali 10000 Prishtine/Kosove