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Artist Presentation

Name: Albian Gagica
Born: 1977, Prishtina, Kosova
Country of Residence: Kosova
Specialities: Graphic Design
Promoted By: Self promotion

Group Exhibitions

2013, Poster Biennale 2013 
Place: Istanbul (Turkey) Berat (Albania) Prishtina (Kosovo) 
Description: Group exhibition in Turkey, Albania and Kosovo.
2012, 19. Triennale Grenchen 
Place: Grenchen, Switzerland 
Description: Balkan Arts, Poster Exhibition
2011, Type It. 
Place: Art space of Garcķa Sanabria“s Park in Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain 
Description:  International Contest of Typographic Creation
2010, GOOD 50x70 
Place: Piazza Cordusio e via Dante, Milan, Italy 
Description: International Poster Exhibition
2009, International Graphic Design Exhibition 
Place: Athens, Greece 
Description: 30 designers from 30 countries - Poster exhibition in Athens, Greece.
2006, Design Biennale'06 
Place: National Gallery, Prishtina, Kosova 
Description: First Kosovar Design biennale
2005, sexibition 
Place: National Museum, Prishtina, Kosova 
2004, Home Made Mermalade- video art fest 
Place: National Museum, Prishtina, Kosova 
Description:  3rd Annual Video art Festival


1996, Grand Prize, Coca Cola Competition,OKC USA. 
Event: coca cola summer 1996 
Place: oklahoma city, OKLAHOMA, United States 
Description: coca cola poster competiton, summer 1996 Oklahoma city, OK. USA

Education and Training

1998-2000, commercial and fine arts 
Education type: High Education, 2 Year
Institution: Connecticut Institute of Art,Greenwich,CT, United States 

Jobs and Projects

2001-(ongoing), Art Director
Project: Multimedia House 
Place: INIT Productions, Kosova 
2000-2001, Art Director
Project: TV station 
Place: KTV- Koha Vision, Kosova 

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