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Artist Presentation

Name: Edon Muhaxheri
Born: 1984, Prishtina, Kosova
Country of Residence: Kosova
Specialities: Illustration
Promoted By: Young Artists
"Edon's creativity and skill undoubtedly makes him one of the youngest and best illustrators in Kosova. Even though he wasn't accepted in the Academy of Arts in Prishtina because the only way to get in is by bribing people, Edon has accomplished more commercial projects than all its graduates put together in the past seven years." Fisnik Ismaili (2004)

Group Exhibitions

2011, Stripi nė Kosovė 
Place: Prishtina, Kosova 
Description: A comic book artists' exhibition organised non-governmental organisation LTI in cooperation with EU Information Centre in Kosovo.
2008, Punetoria e Karikatures Politike 
Place: Tirana, Albania 
Description: "rezultatet e workshopit jane te dukshme ne ekspoziten qe permes karikatures denoncon nje seri problemesh qe nga Gerdeci dhe pasojat e tij e deri te komizmi qe percojne figura te politikes shqiptare." ALSAT
2004, EKSPO ARTI 9 
Place: Galeria "Hamami", Prizren, Kosova 
Description: Comicbook and cartoon exhibition.

Education and Training

2008-(ongoing), Media and Graphic Communications 
Education type: High Education
Institution: American University in Kosovo, Kosova 
2006-2007, Faculty of Film Directing 
Education type: High Education, 1 Year
Institution: University of Prishtina, Academy of Fine Arts, Kosova 
1997-1997, Drawing Comics 
Education type: Course, 6 Months
Institution: Studio NEKRA, Kosova 
Description: 10 young students sponsored by KFOS were trained by "Nekra" studio artists, in understanding and drawing comics.

Jobs and Projects

2011-(ongoing), National Graphic Presentation Officer
Project: Press and Public Information Office 
Place: OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Kosova 
2007-(ongoing), Creative Director
Place: Brave Little Elephant, Kosova 
2006-2007, CEO
Place: Trembelat, Kosova 
2005-2005, Creative Lead
Project: Advertising Campaigns 
Place: Karrota, Kosova 
Description: Devoted to creative production in printed and electronic media, Karrota specializes in graphic design, advertising, branding & identity, web design & development, illustration and multimedia.
2003-2005, Illustrator/Animator
Project: Advertising Campaigns 
Place: RROTA, Kosova 
2002-2003, Video Editor
Project: Digital Video Editing 
Place: ARENA film studio, Kosova 
2001-2002, Animator
Project: Media Animation 
Place: RTV 21, Kosova 
2000-2001, Animator
Project: TV Commercials 
Place: CMB Productions, Kosova 

Contact Information

Mobile: +386 49 233 643